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Modul 10: Yin Yoga and Qi Gong Yoga Flows

Dieses Wochenende findet teilweise in englischer Sprache statt – Volker Linder wird übersetzen, wo immer erforderlich.

Our modern world is very yang orientated, fast paced, outward and goal driven. Yin Yoga is a complementary yoga practice to our highly stress related world and more dynamic & invigorating yoga styles that are predominant today. Yin Yoga is all about slowing down, dropping out of the mind into the body, while surrendering to whatever arises. Yin Yoga has it’s origins in Hatha yoga, Tibetan Buddhism & Mindfulness, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Taoist way of living in tune with the natural seasons. Yin yoga invites to pause and turn the focus inwards, while physical tensions & energetic blockages in the meridians and organs get released, improving the flow of chi, healing responses, mental equilibrium, joint mobility, vitality, immunity & sleep.

What can you expect in each module:
· TCM theory of each Yin Element & corresponding season
· Yin/Yang Meridians & Organs
· Main Yin Yoga postures
· Modifications and safety in Yin Yoga
· Sequencing in Yin Yoga
· Physical, emotional imbalances per element
· Elemental Buddhist Psychology & Mindfulness
· Elemental nutrition according TCM
· Sound, affirmations, supportive practices
· Silent & guided meditation
· Introduction in the world of Fascia
· Yin poetry & Mantra
· Conscious breathing to release physical tensions & emotional blockages
· Practical methods to improve sleep, digestion, vitality, metabolism and wellbeing.
· Tools to cope with stress, anxiety and daily challenges in our fast-paced world
· Balance a yang style orientated yoga practice or stressful lifestyle

Für Einzelbucher: 390 Euro.